There are certain things that we need to create and Activate your personal on-line Baby Book. They are listed as follows:

Personal Pictures ( anywhere from 2 to 20 )

  • We would like you to send us pictures that exemplify the joy you are now experiencing with the advent of your pregnancy. Pictures of you and your “baby bump” as an example. Also memorable or sentimental pictures such as your first date, or your first vacation with your husband.
  • We may also suggest you include pictures of your current family, such as all the siblings and the parents.
  • We have many mothers that include a picture (or 2) of their Wedding, again exemplifying one of the most important events in the family’s life.
  • We would like these to be in one of the common Digital formats (jpg, bmp, png). If you are unsure, just call us and we can step you through the process.

 Ultrasound Images

  • Include as many ultrasound images from your recent or a previous exam, as you would like. All of these will be resized to the correct dimensions, and will be “Downloadable” by any of your family and friends anywhere in the world with internet access.

 Ultrasound Video

  3D-4D Ultrasound*

  • We can post your 3D/4D Ultrasound movie as well. Include this if you have one; (with one caveat*) : We will post the short 3D/4D movie that is given to you by your scanning facility that’s on CD or flash Drive. This movie is not a “true 3D representation of the baby”, that in which it can be manipulated in three (3) dimensions by the user, rather it’s a 2D video of the 3D sonogram. Similar to watching a movie on television. However, our Sister Site “does” offer this service:

  Your Favorite Song

  • Include a memorable tune like “Your Wedding Song” or the song that played on your “First Date”. You can upload a specific MP3 file or we can get one for you. Play the example below ↓

 Record your Voices and your Baby’s Heartbeat

  • Because 77% of Americans own a “smartphone” we have chosen this method of recording any audio you want. The current state-of-the-art in phones is an audio quality that is the same as that of a CD and is easily obtainable through software applications on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Go to either of these and chose a “VOICE RECORDER” app. After selection, change the settings to the highest quality, if your application has this feature. If it doesn’t – it’s not a deal breaker. Hold the phone up to your mouth, making sure it’s not too close and record your message. You may have to do this several times to get as clear a recording as possible. If you are recording the fetal Doppler from the heart monitor device, make sure the phone recorder is at an appropriate distance from the speaker to get a clear recording. Then “save” the file or files you want. When you go to the File upload section of your product, add these files as well.  We accept the commonly used ,mp3 or .wav files. That’s it! We will assemble the files, bring up the levels, filter the  background noise, equalize the volume and add it to your montage.

↓ Click “Play” below for an example of a “Favorite Song” ↓


↓ Click “Play” below for an example of  an “Audio/Sound” clip for the Personalized Message and Fetal Heartbeat ↓


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