Frequently Asked Questions
Q : We are interested in the Video Frame you offer. Can we have a family picture inserted along with the fetal pictures?

A : Yes you can! Just upload your “pictures” in .jpg format or .png format or .bmp format, and we will incorporate those into the slideshow presentation. As a further Option you can provide us with a short movie file to include as well.

Q : I noticed that the Video Picture Fame has an SD card sticking out of the side. Can we place pictures on that card at a later time?

A: Yes. We include instructions on how to do just that. It is not necessary to have all the pictures you want displayed at the time you get the frame. You can add images yourself at any time.

Q : We are a very private family. Will other people be able to look at our baby’s ultrasound without our knowledge?

A: No. Each presentation that we provide will be accessible by you or anyone you desire, by a private access code or password. You will be given this code and no one can see your baby unless you give them that code. If you are going to make your baby available on Social media, you will post that pass code. If you want only specific individuals to be able to view and manipulate your baby’s image, then you can email, text or verbally tell them the code. Maybe you only want your sister to know, until you reveal your pregnancy to the rest of the family. Then only she will be able to see, interact and comment on your baby until you are ready. Maybe you want to give out the passwords to everyone during the Holidays. Or maybe add a unique bit of “Spice” to a Baby Shower you are giving your best friend. The answer is: “You, and Only You control who sees your baby and when.”

Q : How long will it take to get my stuff?

A: We pride ourselves in making each individual keepsake as perfect as possible. The Streaming and Web-pages usually take no longer than 48 hours to complete. Usually much sooner than that. The Photo/Audio Montage may take up to week, depending on where in the world we are shipping. It takes approximately 24 hours to configure your product, but the greater majority of delay time is because of the shipping time associated with the postal service.

Q : What Video Formats do you accept?

A: We prefer the Video in: .mp4 format, but .avi, .mpeg, .mpg, or .mov formats are acceptable as well.

Q : What Picture/Image Formats do you accept?

A: We would like these to be in one of the common Digital formats (jpg, bmp, png or tiff). If you are unsure, just call us and we can step you through the process.

Q : What Audio/Music Formats do you accept?

A: Music can be in the form of: .mp3, .wav, .aiff, .aif, .aac, .wma and Ogg Vorbis formats.

Q : How many pictures can we upload?

A: Historically we placed a limit of 10 photos, but we’ve extended that number to twenty (20).

Q : What if our ultrasound facility does not have a video recording capability? How do we get movies on our presentation?

A: We get this question a lot. Many ultrasound facilities are affiliates of Trice Imaging, Inc., and can send photos and videos directly to your smart phone or email. This system uses the capability already built into your healthcare providers ultrasound scanner. Ask your sonographer or scheduling agent if they have Tricefy capability, at the time you are making your appointment. Confirm that you will want the “Still” images and “Video” when you come for your appointment. They will send your images to you after the exam, then you can simply upload those same images and and/or video, along with your personal photographs to our website when you select what type of product you want. Remember this holds true for 2D “And”  3D/4D Images.

If your scanning facility does not have a way to save your video, you or Dad, can simply record the whole event on your cell phone camera. The quality of cell phone cameras rival the quality of most dedicated video cameras. Remember to set the quality of your video to it’s highest resolution that will fit on what space remains of your memory card. Set it for 1080P, if you have it. Otherwise, 720P. Both give excellent results.

Q : How do we record our Voices and the Baby’s Heartbeat?

A: Because 77% of Americans own a “smartphone” we have chosen this method of recording any audio you want. The current state-of-the-art in phones is an audio quality that is the same as that of a CD and is easily obtainable through software applications on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Go to either of these and chose a “VOICE RECORDER” app. After selection, change the settings to the highest quality, if your application has this feature. If it doesn’t – it’s not a deal breaker. Hold the phone up to your mouth, making sure it’s not too close and record your message. You may have to do this several times to get as clear a recording as possible. If you are recording the fetal Doppler from the heart monitor device, make sure the phone recorder is at an appropriate distance from the speaker to get a clear recording. Then “save” the file or files you want. When you go to the File upload section of your product, add these files as well.  We accept the commonly used ,mp3 or .wav files. That’s it! We will assemble the files, bring up the levels, filter the  background noise, equalize the volume and add it to your montage.


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