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The Photo/Audio Montage is an ultrasound enhancement that goes far beyond sticking a roll of thermal images on your refrigerator with a magnet.
We offer you a 10” multifaceted Frame that displays your favorite family pictures celebrating your pregnancy, including images of your 2-Dimensional and/or 3-Dimensional sonograms. Embedded within the frame  is circuitry that – with the press of a button – not only allows you to actually hear a personally recorded message from you and your family, but, most importantly, it can broadcast a saved recording of the baby’s heartbeat! It will save that hi-fidelity recording for years or even decades to come.




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A 10¼” x 10¼” poly-carbonate frame is graced by four (4) full color images that you” choose. These photos can range from wedding pictures, to pictures of your current pregnancy, mixed with the ultrasound images of your baby from whatever week of pregnancy you are in. We add the unique feature of allowing you to additionally upload verbal personal messages. An example may be that “All the previous children may have a short message to or about, their anticipation of the baby”. Thus memorializing what each child said and how they said it long after the baby grows up. This feature will be most notable after being heard by the developing fetus itself, years, even decades later. Especially if she is carrying a baby of her own. Basically this is a “Time Capsule” celebrating your pregnancy. Most notably, we offer a way to save, one of the most precious sounds, more precious than anything else – indefinitely. A sound that can be harvested, stored, and replayed over and over again. Using High Technology, we have integrated into the frame itself, circuitry that will play the doppler of theBaby’s Heartbeat”, in all its glory, simply by pressing a small button built into the frame. See our FAQ’s page to learn more.

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Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 10.25 × 10.25 × 10.25 in


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